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It's a busy month. Thanks to our customers good feeder back and our developer's hard working. We've released 6 new modules

  • 80028 Time Redirect: allow you to setup a redirect page based on the time (weekday and time range) when someone visit the page.
  • 80026 Country Redirect: allow you to setup a redirect page based on the country of your site visitor
  • 80025 Mini Login: a new skin object to replace regular DNN register and login. Now you do not need to click "login" to see the login page. See a demo.
  • 80023 Store Order Form: A quick order form for DNN core store module
  • 80022 Mini Clip Games: Add some cute flash game to your website to attract your site visitors.
  • 80021 Link Exchange: Add a link exchange feature to your site with 0 maintance cost.

These are some addtional news related to modules:

  • 80011 Flash menu Skin Object and module: Now you can control the flash menu font, size, color, sound, search yourself.
  • 80012 Page option and Social Bookmark: add a new popup display style to save space
  • 80015 Combo Login: add some new features and fixed some bugs
  • 80018 News Publisher and 80017 News Transfer: some new updates.
  • 80020 Reseller: auto translation the category to German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese etc.
  • 80024 Paycenter: a virtual money solution will release soon
  • 80027 Visitor count: a visit count module and skin object will release soon

To see the Demo please visit http://modules.alldnnskins.com

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