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MSN Online Module Setup Instruction

Step 1: Module Settings

  1. MSNCode: An unique code for your MSN Chat window, follow step 2-4 to get your MSNCode. This is different code than your MSN Email address
  2. Backup MSNCode: The backup operator's MSNCode, in case the first MSN is offline, the module will try use the backup opertor's status, if both operator are offline, the system will display the primary operator's status
  3. Display Mode: Choose to display chat window, Button, or Icon
  4. Language: If you choose Auto, the system will use current DNN's language settings, or you can force the module to always display certain language
  5. Live Messenger Width, Height, Border: setup the width, height and border if you use Live Messenger Mode
  6. Button Width, Backcolor1, BackColor2, Button ForeColor: colors for Button Display
  7. Predefined Theme:
    Click to choose the pre-defined color theme

Step 2: Goto MSN Setting Page


click to go back 

Sign in to your MSN Account

Step 3 Find your MSN Code

The MSNCode is the red code after invitee=

click to go back

Step 4. Turn on

Click Home and Check the "Allow websites to see ..."


click to go back

Step 5: Finished

Click Update

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