Web Design Company Using DNN

If you are web Design Company using DotNetNuke as web design tools, you find the right place. We are working closely to bring the best support for you to service your clients. You can leave all the skin, graphics design works to us, and concentrate on choosing the right modules and build the right website for your clients.

This is a list of items we will help you.

  1. Not only we do customize skin design, we do Logo designs, Flash banner, flash ads as well.
  2. 200+ pre build DNN skins in 30+ categories. You have a good chance to find the skin the client like, with little modifications; you will get the skin your client like. The numbers of skins are increased in a speed of 20 new skins per month.
  3. 6 skin packs let you build a proto type website easily. 5 container packs gives you many choice to show your client what the website could be. If you find any skin packs is good, and we do not have it. Just let us know, we will create one for you.
  4. Template catalog, if you want show your client pick the skins looks like, but without letting them know you are buying from another place, you can embedded the skin catalog into your own website.
  5. Solpart Menu demos showed you how the menu could be, we can make it in anyway, or you can change yourself to which you like.
  6. DNN Tips helps you understand some basic technique of building a website. It maybe simple, but it is worth a look. And we are keeping updating it.
  7. Color choosing tools help you pick the right color for the skins.
  8. Support Forums is a new way of communicating with us and sharing information with other DNN masters.
  9. Online support system allows you to submit a customization request 24 hours a day. We monitor our online system every minutes between 9am-1am US Central Time. Our support people may solve your problem 24 hours a day.